“Fake UniversityThe eternal quest for knowledge that shall enlighten us and free us from all biases, preoccupations, fixations, obsessions and unhealthy concerns, should be the one and only objective of human civilization.” These sentiments, put into words by Acharya Shri Purushottam ‘Uttam’ have echoed through the ages and continued to resonate with Sahitya Sadawart, becoming its driving force and guiding beacon. Sahitya Sadawart which literally translates to unfettered and all-pervasive dissemination of knowledge is the umbrella organization under whose aegis multiple schools, colleges, research centers and a University have taken shape and prospered. Sahitya Sadawart saw its birth in the year 1938, as the culmination of a philosophical journey undertaken by Shri Kamlakar ‘Kamal’ and a young Acharya Shri Purushottam ‘Uttam’. It was a thought which pioneered academic rigor in a region that had traditionally lagged in terms of education. It was the time when the erstwhile Rajputana was yet to emerge from the feudal darkness, illiteracy plagued the masses and the doors of formal education remained firmly shut for the downtrodden and the subaltern. These two teachers took upon themselves, the herculean task of taking education, free thought and liberal ideas to the doorsteps of those who were poor by dime, to those who were poor by gender and to those who were poor by birth. Peripatetic instructors, with little or no money put all their heart, mind and spirit into Sahitya Sadawart and laid the foundation of an edifice which was to change the course of things for an entire generation in Jaipur. The institution grew, albeit gradually. With the coming of mid 1950s multiple learning centers had been transformed to multiple schools which offered formal education to the kids, adolescents and adults of a newly formed Rajasthan. In the years to come, aided by his zeal to teach and his commitment to the nation building process, Acharya Shri Purushottam ‘Uttam’ made a name for himself as the quintessential teacher earning the epithet of ‘Acharya’. Revered by scores of Alumni who brought laurels to Sahitya Sadawart by excelling in various fields and leading the success story of a newly formed Rajasthan, he had set the stage for Gyanvihar to take shape. Gyanvihar, which commenced its journey as an experiment to redefine school education in Jaipur has now culminated into Gyanvihar Universe, a galaxy, with some truly stellar constellations, Suresh Gyanvihar University and Gyanvihar School being the more recognized names. Gyan Vihar School came into existence in the year 1994. It was a concerted effort to combine the best of western and eastern pedagogy to create the kind of atmosphere where kids could learn and “fly free”. The foundation stone of Gyan Vihar was laid on 19 February 1994 by Acharya Purushottam and Shri Suresh Sharma.